At Watts Green Pty Ltd we supply and install energy efficient saving products in your home or business to save you money and reduce your energy bill as well as help save the environment.


3 Star WELS Rated Shower Heads

FREE 3 Star WELS rated Water-saving showerheads, fixed and hand held supplied and installed by a qualified installer

On average, 30% of all household water usage is in the shower.

You can help reduce your water usage by installing a water efficient shower head.

Installing an energy efficient showerhead and start to enjoy the benefits:

  • A saving of 11,000 litres of water per household each year.
  • It will also reduces the amount of energy required to heat the water not only reducing greenhouse gas emissions but saving $$$ on your electricity bill


Water Savings – Showerhead Flow Rates

15 litres

9 litres

6 litres

Litres of water used per 8 minute shower




Litres per day x 4 people (average family)




Litres for 7 days x 4 people




Litres x 4 weeks x 4 people




Litres x 12 months x 4 people




Savings (litres) per year from a 15 litre



Savings (litres) per year from a 9 litre


*Water Consumption only.
*Not including energy savings which varies from provider to provider. 
Always check your electricity bill.


Weather Sealing Activities – Chimney Balloons

Warm air rises and cold air falls. This simple scientific fact means that when you have an unlit fireplace, not only will the warm air leave the home, but cold draughts will be coming in. A room with a blocked chimney needs only about half the heat compared with rooms with open chimneys, so it makes sense to fit a chimney balloon in every chimney which is not in everyday use. The chimney balloon stops draughts and saves money on heating bills, and stops wasted heat going straight up the chimney. Chimney Balloons are also useful in preventing debris, soot, dust and bird droppings from entering the building.

A chimney balloon is a specially designed balloon, acts like a plastic pillow, made in a special laminate of three plastics to make it airtight, tear-resistant and long-lasting. It also has a special shape that allows a little ventilation on two corners to keep your chimney dry.

The chimney balloons are a simple and effective way of blocking chimneys when not in use and stops your energy from going up the chimney!


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