Residential leds

Beautiful LED Lighting for your home

Huge savings

Our residential LEDs can save up to 90% on your lighting energy expenditure. Over the course of our LEDs lifetime you can save up to $983 per bulb.

Do your bit

Upgrading to LEDs is easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint. Replacing a 50W incandescent bulb can save 6 tons of household emissions per year.

100% Certified

We offer premium dimmable and non dim LEDs. All LED replacement products come with a manufactures warranty and approved under rebates.

Dimmable MR16

12V Master LED MR16

GU10 Retrofit

6W gu10 led retrofit

B22 LED Bulb

9w & 7w b22 led bulb

BR30 Bulb

12w br30 led bulb

Reflector Lamp

8w led reflector lamp

E27 LED Bulb

7W & 9w e27 led bulb